Born in 1952 in Athens, Georgia ( U.S.A.).

His initial studies in sculpture were done in the United
States where he specialized in bronze casting. Renka
then spent four years at the Italian Mint in Rome,
Italy, where he studied the technical and
aesthetic aspects involved in creating coins and

Since 1984 he has done numerous medals for the Food
and Agricultural Organization of the UN located in
Rome. His works include official portraits medals of
the former president of Italy, Oscar Luigi Scalfaro;
the former president of Lebanon, Elias Hraoui; the
former president of the Ivory Coast, Félix
Houphouët-Boigny; the US congressman, Mickey
Leland; the king of Saudi Arabia, Fahd Bin
Abdulaziz; and the President of France, Jacques Chirac.

Other important commissions include:

1979-Medal for the 400th anniversary of the founding of the Venerable English College in Rome, Italy

1983-Medal for the 100th anniversary of the American Seed Trade

1985-Medal for the British Art Medal Society to be issued as one of
their annual medals

1985-Medal for the Multinational Force and Observers (the
international peace-keeping force deployed between Egypt and

1988-Medal for the 25th anniversary of the World Food Programme

1995-Annual medal for the Italian Association of Medalists dedicated
to the 50th anniversary of the United Nations

1996-Ten portraits of philosophers for the reverses of the 1996
coinage of the Republic of San Marino (two of these coins are
currently circulating in Italy as legal tender)

1999-Medal for the Italian/U.S. part of the Fulbright Program

Since 1981 he has shown at the annual exhibition of the Associazione Italiana Amici della Medaglia and since 1983 he has taken part in numerous of the international exhibitions of the Fédération International de La Médaille.

In 1994 and 1997 he had one-man shows in Rome and in 1999 in Asheville, North Carolina (U.S.A.)

Works by Renka can be found in numerous private collections as well as in public collections such as the BRITISH MUSEUM in London, the NATIONAL BOARD OF ANTIQUITIES AND HISTORICAL MONUMENTS in Helsinki, and the VATICAN MUSEUMS IN ROME.

August, 2001